torsdag 14. desember 2017

My Last Attempt - Equilibrium

Country: Ukraine
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 2015
Genre: Progressive metalcore, post-hardcore

Playgrounded - In Time with Gravity

Release: october, 2017
Country: Greece/The Netherlands
Label: Freia Music
Existed since: 2007
Genre: Progressive rock, post

Hundo - Hunderland

Release: november, 2017
Country: USA
Label: Self-release/Bigger Brush Media
Existed since: 2014
Genre: Progressive metal, psych, funk, hiphop, fusion, experimental

Cambrian - Point of Origin

Release: november, 2017
Country: The Netherlands
Label: Self-release
Existed since: 2017
Genre: Progressive rock/metal

3rd Ear Experience - Stoned Gold

Release: november, 2017
Country: USA
Existed since: 2012
Genre: Space rock, psych, african acid rock

onsdag 13. desember 2017